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High School Football Programs With the Most All-Time Wins

2023-04-13  Walker Anderson

High school football is a popular and longstanding tradition in the United States, with thousands of programs across the country competing each year. Some programs have established a long and successful history, accumulating an impressive number of victories over the years. These programs often have a dedicated fan base and are known for producing top-level talent that goes on to play at the collegiate and professional levels. In this response, we will provide a list of the high school football programs with the most all-time wins in the United States.

There could be an adjustment on top of America's all-time senior high school football wins listing in 2022.

Male High School in Louisville, Kentucky is within six wins of catching Valdosta High (Georgia). The Bulldogs get in the season with 927 all-time success. Valdosta possesses 933 triumphes.

The 900-win Club could grow over the next two years. Both Mt. Carmel (Pennsylvania) and Muskegon (Michigan) are within two years of reaching the exclusive club that currently only has five members.

Mt. Carmel requires 22 successes, while Muskegon needs 23 victories.

Two groups have a great chance at joining the 800-win club this year. Safeguarding Kentucky 6A champ St. Xavier just requires 3 victories in 2022 to get to the milestone. Little Rock Central in Arkansas is simply four success timid of 800.

Below are the groups with more than 700 successes heading right into the 2022 season, according to the National Federation of State High School Organizations' Document Book.


High School Football Programs with the Most All-Time Wins


There are several high school football programs in the country that have established a winning tradition. These programs have amassed an impressive number of wins over the years, setting the standard for excellence in high school football. Among these programs are:

Rank/School/StateWinsAll-Time RecordProgram Established
No. 1 Valdosta (Georgia)933933-251-341913
No. 2 Male (Louisville, Kentucky)927927-333-491893
No. 3 Washington (Massillon, Ohio)920920-297-361894
No. 4 Mayfield (Kentucky)919919-262-321919
No. 5 Highlands (Ft. Thomas, Kentucky)911911-257-261915
No. 6 Mount Carmel (Pennsylvania)878878-336-591895
No. 7 Muskegon (Michigan)877877-284-431895
No. 8 Easton (Pennsylvania)864864-370-541894
No. 9 Canton McKinley (Ohio)859859-366-421894
No. 10 Everett (Massachusetts)844844-3781893
No. 11 Parkersburg (West Virginia)842842-341-331906
No. 12 Steubenville (Ohio)836836-328-361900
No. 13 Hampton (Virginia)836836-280-431920
No. 14 Berwick (Pennsylvania)833833-352-431888
No. 15 Clinton (Oklahoma)830830-296-381919
No. 16 Lawton (Oklahoma)818819-370-341902
No. 17 Haynesville (Louisiana)816816-192-221907
No. 18 Dobyns-Bennett (Kingsport, Tennessee)812812-259-281921
No. 19 Brockton (Massachusetts)811811-353-641897
No. 20 East St. Louis (Illinois)810810-208-361925
No. 21 Pine Bluff (Arkansas)808808-362-551901
No. 22 Washington (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)807807-346-381899
No. 23 Bakersfield (California)807807-283-431899
No. 24 Steelton-Highspire (Pennsylvania)806806-449-611894
No. 25 Paducah Tilghman (Kentucky)805805-350-251925
No. 26 Danville (Kentucky)801801-264-341924
No. 27 St. Xavier (Louisville, Kentucky)797797-310-201917
No. 28  Little Rock Central (Arkansas)796796-369-251907
No. 29 Owenboro (Kentucky)784784-390-301904
No. 30 New Britain (Connecticut)783783-364-511894
No. 31 Lawrence (Kansas)770770-307-381924
No. 32 Jeannette (Pennsylvania)767767-329-481917
No. 33 Temple (Texas)762762-381-511892
No. 34 Amarillo (Texas)759759-331-191893
No. 35 New Castle (Pennsylvania)753753-416-691900
No. 36 Thomasville (Georgia)749749-353-461891
No. 37 Arcola (Illinois)741741-347-401920
No. 38 Baylor School (Tennessee)740740-332-391907
No. 39 Pioneer (Ann Arbor, Michigan)738738-461-381892
No. 40 Williamsport (Pennsylvania)729729-489-551891
No. 41 Creighton Prep (Nebraska)728728-239-231910
No. 42 Seminole (Oklahoma)728728-372-341894
No. 43 Bowling Green (Kentucky)727727-349-351908
No. 44 Ashland Blazer (Kentucky)726726-410-411892
No. 45 Dover (Ohio)720720-372-441896
No. 46 Martins Ferry (Ohio)719719-393-361893
No. 47 Somerset (Kentucky)718718-418-431900
No. 48 William Penn (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)712712-380-531887
No. 49 Pottsville (Pennsylvania)711711-534-461893
No. 50 Philadelphia Central (Pennsylvania)711711-450-611887
No. 51 Greensburg Salem (Pennsylvania)705705-400-391894
No. 52 Huntingdon (Pennsylvania)703703-396-391907
No. 53 Fostoria (Ohio)702702-483-421896

2023-04-13  Walker Anderson